Chronicles of Trying to Save a Kitty…

Swiper needs a home…or a foster home…He is on special ureter food to manage his past FLUTD issue.

His mom loves him very much, but he has started behavioral peeing and is unhappy. She is relocating for safety reasons and only allowed to bring a certain number of animals that won’t get her thrown out. Such as a peeing cat would.

Imagine contacting No Kill rescues all week and barely getting any replies back. 

magine a cat needs a new home or a temp foster home.

Imagine he has past FLUTD urinary issues. He has developed behavioral peeing issues because he is unhappy with something in his home now. He needs a new home. He can’t go to the local humane society- Wisconsin HS- because they kill animals they deem not easy to adopt.

His mom has to move for her safety and can only take a few of her babies. She can’t take any that will get her thrown out of her new place. She has no money, no job, no car.

 Imagine contacting No Kill after No Kill. Most are full. Some are kind. Some are not. Most don’t bother to reply. Some aren’t really No Kill. Some require money…

Here are some of the responses;

From Kindred Kitties in Kenosha who, against No Kill code, recommended euthanizing him: